Thursday, October 6, 2011

#53: Yellow Wrapped Candy

“RED!” You scream while your sibling screams back “PINK!” You are both arguing over which the better flavor is. The Starburst debate never ends. The bright side is that since you like the different flavors, you each get your favorite. You split the oranges but then what to do with the leftover yellows? Why do they even make this flavor? And that is when Dad swoops in, much like a hawk, and steals all the yellows in one swift motion “Thank yaaaa…”

Dads indulge their sweet tooth every now and then. Mom does it by buying ice cream claiming its for you, or hides chocolate boxes in her closet that you find while you’re searching for Christmas gifts. Dad, on the other hand, is up front about his affection for sugar. He controls it precisely by stuffing himself with meat and potatoes so as to let mom enjoy the devil dark chocolate cake for dessert. But if that candy comes in a nice yellow wrapper, Dad might as well be hit with Kryptonite.

Mr. Goodbar, Milk Duds, Charleston Chew, Lemonheads, Banana Runts, Popcorn/Banana jellybeans, Peanut M&M’s (well those are just loved by all but they are a Dad favorite), if it has yellow on it, Dad will want it. These candies probably never existed to you until you saw Dad reach for one out of your trick or treating bag. The bright yellow packaging catches Dad's eye from 3 aisles over at the grocery store. I mean, even SugarDaddy candy and Dad’s Root Beer knew it had to have yellow on their packaging to attract Dad. So while you enjoy your Snickers and Rolos, Dad will stick to his Juicyfruit gum and hard candy that for some reason is always wrapped in yellow packaging.