Thursday, April 19, 2012

#82: Classic Dad: Bob Saget

Yes, Full House is still known as the show that introduced us to Mary-Kate and Ashley. But those two girls wouldn’t be anything if it wasn’t for Danny Tanner leading the way. You can’t get more Dad than being a single Dad raising three girls in DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle. He cared for those girls more than life itself, always offering Dad wisdom and wrapping up each episode with a Dad hug. But like a true Dad, he knew he couldn’t raise his kids alone, so he brought in Uncle Jesse and childhood friend Joey to help. 3 semi-Dads working to embarrass you on a weekly basis through failed birthday parties, videotaping your recitals, wearing costumes, and a general Dadness of thinking you’re hip when you’re really not.

Danny’s biggest Dad feature is his obsession with cleaning. When not Waking Up, San Francisco, or raising his three girls and kicking Kimmy Gibbler through the back door, you can find Danny scrubbing and cleaning with yellow gloves in hand. A true Dad knows germs are just a cough away from infection for his children.

Bob Saget continued his Dad-ness by making every household in America laugh in hosting America’s Funniest Home Videos. Take a seat Tom Bergeron because Bob Saget is the king at Home Videos. What kid wasn’t wishing their failure would lead to a chance at the $100,000 grand prize? Bob Saget made it seem like anyone could win, and all families had that special something with his voice-overs of grandma dancing or your pet parakeet.

Bob Saget today may be known for his crude humor and playing himself on Entourage, but he is also continuing his Dad nature by playing narrator Ted Mosby in How I Met Your Mother. In the classic Dad role of telling stories to your kids, Bob Saget has thrived off telling a story that has lasted 7 seasons and counting.

So from all of us here at TSD, we salute you Bob…and your never ending Dadness.

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