Thursday, January 12, 2012

#67: Christmas Lights

With the holiday season over, mom looks forward to Valentine’s Day baked goods, cards, and yelling at dad for forgetting a gift. Dad on the other hand still has some holiday chores. And none is more essential than taking down the holiday decorations, particularly the lights.

Before the holidays, Dad was setting up the lights in an elaborate fashion. Even though he groans while climbing up the ladder to hang lights in front of the house, Dad has also made sure that its new state of the art lights that will shine brighter than any neighbors. With the basic display, it shines as a classic setting for the holidays.

And with the holidays over, it’s time for Dad to take down his creation. Well, it’s not that hard, just take it down the way you put it up. That’s what amateurs think. It may look simple, but Dad elaborately put the lights up in such a particular order that it can’t be repeated. Taking the lights down is harder than sorting a jar of M&Ms or wandering through a labyrinth.

The maze of lights must be taken down delicately and methodically, as to allow for easy set up the following year. For anyone else partaking in taking down decorations, it is a frustrating and tedious act. For Dad, it’s just another chore that calls for an ice cold beer...'til next year.

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