Thursday, June 2, 2011

#34 Always Having Exact Change

Oh my God, Dad is taking me to McDonalds!! When you were a kid, there was nothing sweeter than Dad taking you to McDonalds for lunch. You stand in line with Dad, excitement building for the cool toy that will come in your Four Piece Chicken McNugget Happy Meal (did anyone ever NOT order the McNugget Happy Meal?). Getting to the register, Dad orders your Happy Meal and a Big Mac for himself. How can Dad eat all that? The cashier says, “That will be $6.43.” Dad delves into his wallet and pulls out EXACTLY $6.43. Dad has done it again. He always has exact change for everything.

It is almost like Dad is his own bank, he always has the right amount of cash for the job. Whether Dad is buying a cup of “joe” or his newest braided leather belt, he always has exact change so that he does not have to waste time waiting for the cashier to give him back 18 cents. Dad uses the saved time for more important endeavors such as spreading mulch in the back yard. Dad never points out the exact change phenomenon because he knows that Dads around the world are prepared for every possible combination of change. You always wonder, How does he do it? It is in their DNA. It is their instinct. It is in all male’s DNA, but it does not get triggered until one has a child, much like the desire to rake the leaves or to eat plain Cheerios for breakfast.

Like many of the “Dad”ttributes the people here at TSD write about, this will happen to you when you become a Dad. Do not be afraid, be proud. Every Dad’s wallet is a sacred place. One day you too will have a wallet filled with credit cards, parking lot passes, old shopping lists, work receipts, and that Starbucks gift card your son gave you three years ago. But within that wallet is the most magical thing of all: the little zippered change pocket that will always have the exact change for the job. Always.

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