Monday, May 30, 2011

#33 The Coat

"It's a little chilly outside, so grab your coat!" Dad yells to you as you're leaving your room. You finally trudge up the stairs carrying your coat when you see Dad waiting by the front door in his. What a sight to see. Dad stands tall and proud in his mismatched, much too big, owned-since-before-you-were-born, coat. "This baby could have kept me warm during the Ice Age," Dad chuckles to himself as he notices your embarrassed look.

Dad prides himself on keeping up with the latest fashions: the turtleneck, the newest walking shoes (which are always an upgraded model of white newbalances), and some misfitting polos that he buttons all the way to the top. But when it comes to his coat, there is no arguing. This coat is here to stay.

The coat is in family portraits, birthday photos, graduations and even some photos when Dad was in college. Somehow this coat is a hybrid of casual and formal attire. It doesn't go with anything yet it makes appearances at every event. Even when the coat is black, it still stands out.

But you appreciated the coat as a kid. It made for an awesome blanket in your forts. Because of its all encompassing and overwhelming size, you could hide under it without anyone knowing. You've borrowed it on vacations when the temperature dropped below what was expected. By far, the family favorite was seeing you and a friend come into the kitchen together pretending to be conjoined twins, bound by Dad's coat and walking in sync.

Dad opens the door for you guys to leave. "Oh, it's a little warmer than I thought..." Yes! He can leave the coat at home. But Dad knows how quickly the weather can change so He quickly ties his coat around his waist. "Always gotta be prepared!" That coat makes appearances everywhere, no matter what.

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