Sunday, May 8, 2011

#29 Mother's Day Role

In honor of Mother's Day, the contributors here at ThatsSoDad wanted to honor Dad's role in this celebratory occasion. Dad's salute moms because of their loving nature and ability to make the family function and house flow with ease. Dad can only do so much by himself, so on Mother's Day, Dad is more than gracious to reward and honor mom.

Being that it is a Sunday, Dad sneaks out of bed and tiptoes downstairs to unload a Massive Sunday Breakfast. Dad wakes you up, "Wanna help with serving mom breakfast in bed?!?" You wake up enthusiastically to go help in the kitchen. Dad awaits with eggs for you to start cracking and batter for you to start whisking. As you help, Dad keeps giving guidance, eventually taking over realizing you aren't suitable for making mom's favorite breakfast. "Just pour her some OJ, I'll take over from here." Dad knows he must get it right for mom on Her Day.

You rush to your bedroom to pull out the card you carefully constructed for mom. She better like this, you've still got glue and glitter on your hands from the past week. Dad and you creep into the bedroom to deliver breakfast to mom. After she delightfully sips the OJ and praises you for your help, it is gift time. Dad gives mom the necklace he bought "from all of us" when really you have no income. Dad sacrifices his deserved praise for the gift in order for you to get smothered with kisses.

Next is Dad rustling around the house in his witty apron tirelessly cleaning and making sure mom doesn't have to lift a finger today. It is afterall, her day. Dad understands this must be done quickly because in a few hours he'll be trudging through the local walking path that mom insists you all must walk as a family. Dad hasn't sweat like this in a long time.

So in this day of praising moms, we must'n forget that Dad plays a vital role in making sure moms day runs smoothly. Dad will have his day next month, so until then He is hard at work making sure the table settings are aligned properly for the family dinner.

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