Thursday, May 5, 2011

#28 Classic Dads Volume #2: The Dad from Calvin and Hobbes

Continuing with our series on Classic Dads, the staff here at That’s Do Dad has decided to cover a Dad that is a legend in print, not the silver screen. The Dad in Calvin and Hobbes has many classic Dad mannerisms and uses them perfectly in the comic strip by Bill Watterson to mess with his son Calvin. Calvin’s Dad (his name is never given) always provides ridiculous answers Calvin’s questions for his own amusement. When Calvin asked his Dad where babies come from, his Dad says that babies come from Sears, but his parents bought Calvin at K-Mart on special. When Calvin asked why the Sun moves from East to West, his Dad answered “solar wind.”

Another classic Dad move Calvin’s Dad exhibits is dragging the family on vacations out into the wilderness that everyone hates except himself. Making the best out of one such trip where it rains for six straight days, he forces Calvin to fish with him. His reasoning is that “It builds character.” Calvin’s Dad uses this reasoning when he tells Calvin to do his chores, go play outside, do his homework, and any other thing Calvin does not want to do. When Calvin acts up, which is often, Calvin’s Dad uses one of the strongest weapons in a Dad’s arsenal…he sends Calvin to his room.

Whether he is raking the leaves, doing the taxes, or convincing his son to leave a beer for Santa instead of milk, Calvin’s Dad is a prime example of what a Dad should aspire to be. We can all learn from his example and achieve legendary Dad status.

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