Saturday, May 21, 2011

#31 A Briefcase

Dad arrives home late after a long days work. “Sorry I’m late—I had a lot of paperwork.” Dad is always talking about how much paperwork he has to deal with. You guess that’s what working as an adult is. But funny thing is, you’ve never seen Dad with any papers. If Dad has so much paperwork, how does he carry it all around? The answer is in his briefcase.

Dad is much too classy for a Jansport backpack, and don’t even attempt to get him a shoulder bag/satchel. Dad carries his leather, musty, metal buckle latched briefcase with meaning. The briefcase serves purpose of organization amongst that paperwork, pens, calculator and extra set of cufflinks, but it is also a status symbol.

Much like Batman never fights crime without his utility belt, Dad never leaves for the office without his briefcase. A shoulder bag would trigger his joint problems and a backpack just looks silly. But the briefcase is sturdy and for the hardcore Dads it comes with a 3 number combo for each latch. Does Dad work for the FBI?

If you’re lucky, Dad might ask you to bring his briefcase to him from the study. Be careful though, you must’n open it. The worn leather exudes importance and upclose it smells like your social studies book. Was the Declaration of Independence carried in a briefcase?

You hand Dad his briefcase to which He is eternally grateful. “Thanks kiddo,” Dad sincerely states with a wink as if it was a 50s family sitcom. You smile and stand still in your moment of accomplishment. “You can go now.” Dad says sternly, shaking you from your day dream. Dad cautiously watches you exit before he opens his briefcase. What kind of papers are carried in that briefcase? Only Dad knows…

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  1. I remember when I was young that briefcase held the same mystery to me. The endless stacks of paper he had in his office at home were untouchable, more so the contents of his drawers. To find that most of them are dispensable killed the mystery, but it would be fun to pass it to the kids when you've grown.

    - Ruby Badcoe