Thursday, August 4, 2011

#44 Classic Dads Volume #3: Phil Dunphy

Moving on with our exploration of exemplary Dads, the staff here at That’s So Dad have decided to include a Dad who is of more recent fame. His rise to the upper tiers of Dadness has been fast, but he deserves it. The man we know as Phil Dunphy is a great example of who we should all aspire to be. A Dad who embarrasses his children.

Phil is a father on the show Modern Family, and is often part of the main plot in each episode. He tries to connect with his children through a tactic he calls “peerenting” where he attempts to talk to his kids like a peer but acting like a parent. This often embarrasses his kids because he tells them to pretend they are in the malt shop or playing jacks and just talking about problems. Phil also likes to think of himself as the “Cool Dad” and really tries to connect with his kids in extreme ways. Phil brags that he knows all the songs and dances to High School Musical which is found very uncool by his kids but he does not care.

Although Phil is not like most Dads in that he was a college cheerleader, he is extremely competitive. Like other Dads, he does not let his kids win when they play each other in sports. When playing basketball against his 12 year old son Luke, Phil does what every Dad wants to do which is block every single shot his son takes and then dunks over his kid. This is the mark of a true Dad.

Phil also tries to be real smooth sometimes, but to no avail. His awkwardness shows in such scenarios as when he becomes his alter-ego Clive Bixby, a high-end electroacoustic transducer designer who has exactly 10 Million dollars and nothing he says comes out just right in his attempts to seduce his wife.

Phil has a goofy sense of humor and is commonly referred to by his wife as “The kid I am married to.” That is one of the most important things a Dad can do for his family, embarrass the hell out of them. It is what Dads strive to do, and Phil excels at it.

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