Thursday, December 15, 2011

#63 The Santa Hat

Much like Dad enjoys wearing his bucket hats, baseball caps, and beanies, Dad trades them all in come holiday time for the Santa Hat. Santa does get a lot of recognition around the holiday time: Jewelry commercials, coke cans, and cookie cutter shapes. So Dad naturally hops on Santa’s coattails and wears the Santa hat around as if to say “I could be Santa if I wanted to.”

He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake…Dad, how does Santa know all that? “Because I tell him. Me and Santa are buddies…see we have the same hat.” Your mind sorts trying to find evidence to prove otherwise, but none comes. Dad and Santa are friends?

Dad skips away with the red hat bobbing before you can ask any follow up questions. You better behave because that Santa hat has some sort of connection and it isn’t coming off until Dad trades it in for the sparkling New Years 2012 hat&glasses combination.

Mom likes Dad wearing the Santa Hat because “its festive.” You don’t mind it except for when he wears it out in public. Do you really need to wear it to CVS? “OMG THEY HAVE A GREEN SANTA HAT TOO?” You hear Dad exclaim from the next aisle over. There’s $12.99 your family will never see again.

The Santa Hat shows Dad’s joy for the holidays and gives him a sense of purpose on Christmas morning. Even though Santa was out all night delivering gifts, Dad knows the real work is Christmas morning in the sorting of the gifts. Dad puts the Santa Hat on like a required uniform and sorts through gifts meticulously, creating mini piles of each person’s gifts. I just wanna know who the big one is for. Then Dad carefully delivers each gift to you, mom, and your siblings in the order that Santa meant for them to be opened. So they are friends…

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