Friday, December 2, 2011

#61: Savings Bonds and $2 as Gifts

After the candles have been blown out, after the horrible singing, and after scarfing (literally scarfing) down the cake, it’s time for presents. You open birthday cards, gift bags, and the random shaped wrapped gift that turns out to be a nerf-football. Then it is time for not Dad’s gift, but for Dad’s Dad’s gift; Grandpa’s Gift!

Let us not forget that Grandpa still technically is a Dad, so in typical Dad fashion, he gets you a gift that wasn’t on your list. “What’s this?” “HARHAR (because Grandpa doesn’t have a typical laugh) That is a savings bond! You’ll be thanking me for that later.”

A Savings bond? Apparently they were a big deal back in Grandpa’s day. “It’ll be worth a fortune in a few years.” “Thanks Grandpa…” you sigh out as you go for a hug. That is when Grandpa’s eyes gleam and he states with his snicker “You didn’t think that’s all you’d get, did you? Course I got you something you could use today!” While your heart beats out of excitement, Grandpa pulls out a crisp $2 bill. “Don’t spend it all in one place!”

In the end you got a gift that you can’t use for another 10 years and the other is less than what the Asian kid in class got for New Years in February. I still don’t comprehend that. But you smile and hug Grandpa because it’s the thought that counts. And part of you understands now why Dad is the way he is.

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