Thursday, November 24, 2011

#60: Carving the Thanksgiving Turkey

It is finally time for Thanksgiving dinner. It has been a hard day of lying on the couch and watching football and then attempting to play football before someone pulled a hamstring. But none of that matters now. Dad enters into the dining room with the steaming hot bird and sets it down at the table as every one oohs and aahs at the bountiful feast. Dad then commences with one of the most time honored traditions of Dadness: carving the turkey.

Dad may not be a surgeon, but as he slices into the turkey he has the focus and finesse of a doctor performing a heart transplant. He NEVER breaks a sweat; he is a seasoned veteran and will not break under pressure. Sorting the meat into light and dark, legs here, skin there, wishbone perfectly extracted, it is a symphony of movements generations in the making. Every year you ask him how he does it and he instantly goes into his playbook of carving. It is like he is revealing the secret to life and it is told with an extreme amount of detail.

Of course, every Dad has their own process. Some go straight for the legs, some go for the center of the breast, it is a matter of preference. But each Dad fiercely defends their process when it is presented. Debates will occur before the carving, but never during or after. Dad is in the zone and will not listen to criticism but no one can argue with the results.

So enjoy Dads carving prowess, cover everything on your plate in gravy, enjoy both pies because it is Thanksgiving. We are thankful for the Dads in our lives because without them we would have no material to write about. From all two of us here at That’s So Dad we wish you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving.

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