Thursday, November 10, 2011

#58: Classic Dads Volume #4: Tim “The Toolman” Taylor

In the latest edition of Classic Dads, the editors here at TSD would like to recognize Tim “The Toolman” Taylor for his contribution to Dadness and to general masculinity. Tim is the father figure on the hit television show (and one of the greatest shows ever) Home Improvement. It is a unique setting because Tim is the host of a show within the show, aptly named “Tool Time” where he revels in his manliness and his knowledge of tools. Like any real Dad, he claims to have an in depth knowledge of everything from screwdrivers to serious power tools. However, Tim always gets into sticky situations where his misuse of tools goes wrong, resulting in him getting his hand stuck to a door or blowing up a house. Basically he is like all of our Dads, he thinks he knows what he is doing with tools…but he really doesn’t.

The Toolman is always on a quest to do something faster or stronger. From the time he attached a multiple cylinder engine to a weed whacker, turbocharged his garbage disposal, or dropped a drag racing engine into a lawn mower, Tim Taylor would marvel at his skills while chanting “MORE POWER!!” followed by manly grunts as his children looked at him in awe of his Dadness. Never mind that the weed whacker chopped down a tree, the garbage disposal caught on fire, and the lawn mower wreaked havoc across a youth soccer game, Tim always hoped for the best.

Getting back to his grunts, Tim Taylor had a full chorus of sounds he would use to convey a full range of emotions. Shock, disgust, confusion, defeat, victory, and many other feelings were expressed not through traditional language, but through a Cro-Magnon like cacophony of noises. It became so much of his persona that it rubbed off on the family. It was a truly great Dad moment when the whole family starts grunting after Tim caused a blackout due to his Christmas decorations.

Like all Dads, Tim had his flaws. He never knew how to connect on sensitive issues without the help of Wilson, he would forget the task at hand when he saw a classic car to the chagrin of his wife, and would frequently get in trouble with the law for speeding in whatever monstrosity he decided to drop a NASCAR engine into. But he was the head of a great family unit that thought shouting barks and grunts in celebration was the ideal thing to do. Tim “The Toolman” Taylor is the epitome of a manly Dad.

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