Thursday, November 3, 2011

#57 Awkward Fitting Hats

Dad's have a unique fashion sense. Rather than lead the pack and discover the new trend, Dads are often 2 years behind and think they are "bringing it back." A Dad's closet is pretty much a Hipster's dream. But the one fashion item that is constant for Dad, aside from his white new balances, is his plethora of hats. And no matter what, that hat does not fit correctly and does not look good.

Dad has all sorts of hats: baseball caps, flat caps, wool hats ("Gotta cover my ears!"), beanies, a beret for some unknown reason, boaters, bowlers, fedoras (from before fedoras were cool again), his beach hat, and many more. But the most Dad hat of all is the bucket hat.

It is said the bucket hat serves a purpose, but to you it seems its purpose is pure embarrassment. There are pictures of you as a toddler in Dad's bucket hat. It's an instant classic as your face is covered and you're marching around in your undies. How funny it was then...

Unfortunately, Dad insists on wearing that same bucket hat to your rainy soccer games, sunny walks through your crush's neighborhood, or when mowing the lawn as the school bus drops you off. Dad rocks the bucket hat with pride as it covers his bald spot, shields his eyes from the sun and makes him look cool. It's Dads way of "keeping it real." "That rapper GG Cool Ray wore em, why can't I?"

You've even tried hat substitutes, but somehow even the other more normal hats look goofy on Dad. Adjustable snapback baseball caps apparently don't have a Dad size on them. Beanies turn into Jewish Kippah's on Dad. And don't even think about tempting Dad to wear his fedora.
The best advice is to let Dad wear his hats as he pleases and cross your fingers that it comes back into fashion as soon as possible.

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