Thursday, November 17, 2011

#59 Caring About the Lawn

When winter is done giving you the cold shoulder, you have spring to look forward to. That means sunshine, flowers, miniskirts, baseball, and almost summer! To dad, springtime means one thing: freshly cut grass.

The lawn is Dad’s baby. Mom has her gardening and plot of flowers. Dad has the lawn. That isn’t to say he is the sole maintenance guy because your first job on your resume should list lawn expert with all those Saturday mornings you woke up to “DON’T FORGET TO MOW THE LAWN!”

Even though Dad has ordered you to maintain the lawn in order to get your allowance, it isn’t because He is busy. Dad supervises the entire time. While you’re building character, Dad is sipping on beers and checking the blade length as if he were golfing on it later that afternoon. Why can’t Dad just do this himself? “JUST BE THANKFUL I RAKED THE LEAVES FOR YA!” Dad answers as if he knew what you were thinking.

And it’s true. Dad rakes leaves better than anyone else out there. He even let you jump in the piles when you were younger. Raking leaves strains Dad’s back, but he knows you can’t handle the precision and patience needed for it. Thanks Dad, I wish you thought I couldn’t handle the lawn

When you’ve finally done an adequate job, Dad will dismiss you and you can go along with your day. But about an hour later, you’ll see Dad still inspecting and putting the finishing touches on the lawn. This is Dad’s domain. The work is never done…

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