Wednesday, March 21, 2012

#77 Classic Dad: Philip Banks

Mr. Banks has all the striking features of a Dad: a gut that hangs out over his belt, sweaters, a briefcase, and three well-behaved kids. What makes Mr. Banks a classic Dad is that he is able to act as a Dad to even his nephew.

Despite being technically Will’s uncle, Mr. Banks treats Will as his own son. When he’s not caring for Hilary, Carlton, and Ashley, Mr. Banks is containing his anger at Will’s goofy behavior. Those long deathly stares and ability to hit unknown decibels of sound with a single yell is what puts Mr. Banks in a class of his own when it comes to Dads. And when he’s not yelling at Will, he’s busy throwing Jazzy Jeff out of the house…showing true Dad strength. Through it all, Mr. Banks knows in true Dad fashion that Vivian owns the house. Despite being a successful lawyer in Beverly Hills, he knows not to cross mom.

Mr. Banks does have a soft side, making sure Will has a bright future, caring for Geoffrey as one of the family, and protecting the family against anyone that besmirches the Banks name.

So we salute your Mr. Banks, not only for being such a funny “Uncle Phil,” but realizing that being a Dad extends to more than just your biological children. And if a couple of guys who were up to no good, start making trouble in the neighborhood, we hope our mom gets scared and tells us that we going to live with you in Bel-Air.

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