Thursday, July 19, 2012

#95: The Golf Polo

As all four of our loyal readers know it is the clothes that make the Dad. From the White New Balance Shoes to the Braided Belt to the Sweater Vest, Dads have pretty standard uniforms so they can easily pick out other Dads in crowded places. Well today we have another one of those gold standards in the Dad wardrobe, something actually all men own but takes on a new loftiness when one becomes a Dad. The Golf Polo.

Much like the sweater vest, the golf polo can be worn on almost any occasion. Weddings? You bet. Funerals? Sure why not. Little Timmy's kindergarten graduation? As long as the collar doesn't curl under the Shoulder Mounted Video Camera then rock on Dad. It can be worn any season and anywhere. From a hot summer day at Six Flags to a freezing night at the bowling alley on League Night the golf polo is the social chameleon of Dad attire.

Of course, not all Dad's play golf although like 99% do. You bet that that 1% of Dads still own at least five golf polos that feature logos from golf courses, Disney World, their current company, their son's AYSO soccer team, and that one 5K he volunteered at because mom made him. The golf polo is also a standard feature for Dads at sporting events because a real Dad doesn't wear a jersey to an NFL game, he wears the golf polo with the team logo. It is a great way for Dad to show team spirit and preserve Dadness while screaming at the referee from the upper deck.

One lesson I can give young men going through life is to never turn down a new golf polo. You never know when you are going to need it, because every clothing dilemma can be solved with this basic garment. Except of course for a black tie event, that calls for a Tuxedo T-Shirt. Classy, yet casual.

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