Thursday, July 26, 2012

#96: Classic Dad: Mr. Winslow

Carl Otis Winslow of the great sitcom Family Matters defined the working Dad, having to balance the life threatening work of being a cop while also raising three kids in Chicago. Yes, we all know that the star of the show became Urkel with his catch phrase of “Did I do that?” and tons of crazy hijinx. But those would never been nearly as effective if it weren’t for Carl Winslow’s constant berating and increasing anger against Urkel.

Mr. Winslow had to protect Laura from the craziness of Urkel, using intimidation tactics and often yelling as Dads are known to do. Much like Dads as well, Mr. Winslow isn’t worried about his figure as he gorges down donuts (I mean, he is a cop), and enjoys Harriette’s cooking. Just don’t comment on it like Urkel does by constantly calling him “Big Guy.” And although most of the time, Mr. Winslow is having to repair damages Urkel has caused, in classic Dad fashion he eventually develops a fondness for Urkel.

The ultimate compliment to Mr. Winslow is how we still remember him today. Much like many of our other classic Dads, Mr. Winslow still brings nostalgia when discussing TGIF or is used in pop culture references like Kanye West declaring “you got too many Urkels on your team, that’s why your wins low.” (Okay that was a stretch but I had to do it). We salute you Mr. Winslow as we hope we are Dad-like as you when we are dealing with the pesky neighbor who just won’t leave. 


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  1. Your other role model when dad was at work :) loved it David.