Thursday, August 2, 2012

#97: Miller Genuine Draft

Just like everyone needs to do after a long work day, Dads need to kick back too. That brief moment in time between entering the door and having to do lawn work, help the kids with that last minute shoe box diorama, or do what the wife says to do is a special time for relaxation. And to help with that time, Dad needs the unofficial beer of Dads everywhere: Miller Genuine Draft.
Miller Genuine Draft (MGD) is not the beer you or I drink, it is a premium lager to be enjoyed by those with a mature palate but don’t mess with all this microbrew riff-raff. In short, it is made for Dads. While college kids drink Busch Light or Keystone and think that Bud Light is top of the line, Dads know better. MGD puts hair on your chest but it takes it from that bald spot on your head, a common mark of a true Dad.
Let’s be real, MGD does not taste good until you hit the age of 45. Based off of the High Life recipe (my Dad’s favorite) but with a few touches to make it a “higher end” beer, it allows Dad to forget his workday woes for a small fee. Those of us at That’s So Dad cannot comprehend the phenomena surrounding Dads and MGD but much like golf polos, witty aprons, and hiding easter eggs we can easily say we will understand when we are older. It is a Dad thing, you just don’t get it.

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