Thursday, March 17, 2011

#16 Witty Aprons

Dad is cooking tonight. It isn't just a meal, but rather a performance. Much like Dad's breakfasts, Dad draws attention to his cooking. Nevermind that it is the same meal Dad cooked last week, as the week before (more to come on that later). But what really draws your attention is Dad's song, dance, and attire while cooking.

First of all, Dad must change into the white new balances in order to move freely from the grill/stove top to the refrigerator. Next comes his constant tasting of the meat sauce to make sure it is just right. Dad, the sloppy joe meat is just fine. Then there are the sounds that echo throughout the house after each spice or ingredient is added. I never should have introduced him to The Food Network. Lastly comes the essential piece and symbol of Dad's commitment to the kitchen: The Witty Apron.

"Kiss the Chef." Which mom so happily obliges to which you roll your eyes. "Licensed to Grill" which causes a James Bond pose after each burger flip. And of course Dad's favorite "Rule 1: The Boss is always Right. Rule 2: If the Boss is wrong, see Rule 1." Let's face it, Dad is boss when it comes to these aprons.

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