Wednesday, March 23, 2011

#18 Late Night Basketball Leagues

"Dad, why do you always come home late on Wednesday nights?" Dad smirks and says, "I’ll show you next Wednesday."

Your anticipation through the next week is through the roof. You figured he just always worked late but now there is an actual reason. Has he really been a secret CIA spy this entire time? Finally next Wednesday rolls around. Dad picks you up and you hit the familiar roads until you arrive. Why are we at my middle school?

You enter the gym where you learned the proper techniques of dodgeball. Only this time, you have entered a sacred zone. It is the Mecca of Dads.

All sorts of Dads are there with full on knee braces, headbands, goggles, short shorts and all. They are having a shootaround and lay up lines. That’s when Dad pulls out a basketball from his gym bag that you thought was in the trunk for decoration. “Gotta suit up.”

What you are witnessing is the safe haven for Dads. You climb the bleachers inspecting where is the perfect spot to witness this phenomenon. Dad attempts to touch his toes. That’s enough stretching. Dad takes the basketball and shoots a one-handed free throw. Swish. Is this why Dad makes 90% of his free throws? This is why he beat me in all those one on one games?

The next hour and a half is blur as you’ve witnessed the slowest paced, but exciting basketball game of your life. Straight fundamentals.

You know Dad has just taken your bond to a whole new level. Upon returning home, mom inquires “Where were you two?” “Nowhere” you and Dad answer simultaneously and instinctively.

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