Sunday, March 6, 2011

#14 Classic Dads Volume #1: Clark W. Griswold

The editors here at That’s So Dad decided early on that our mission was to explore all that is Dad. From Dad sayings and activities to Dad music, we feel that in order to understand Dad, you have to know their history. Therefore this is an introduction to the Classic Dads series, a series that will celebrate Dads known around the world for their amazingness.

To begin this landmark series the legend of the Vacation series of movies, the Dadness that is Clark W. Griswold of Chicago, Illinois will be recognized. For those who do not know, Clark W. Griswold is a Dad who leads his family on vacations to such places as Wally World, Europe, and Las Vegas as well as hosting the extended family for Christmas. He is the ultimate Dad in that he wants the best for the family but tends to go a little overboard. Such actions as causing a riot in Bavaria, holding a Wally World guard by gunpoint, crashing a bus into Wayne Newton’s mansion, and causing a city wide power outage due to his Christmas decorations he is the ultimate Dad. His kids are always embarrassed to be with him, but that never lets him down. Evidence is shown on a family trip to the Eiffel Tower in beirets with each family members name stitched into them, which draws the insults of many French people.

Clark dresses the part by wearing great plaid ensembles, pleated jeans, and of course the white tennis shoes we can all assume are New Balances because Clark knows how a Dad should roll. He also shows no shame in trying to look cool in the Wagon Queen Family Truckster while hauling his family across the country because “getting there is half the fun”. He always tells his children they are growing up too fast while they roll their eyes and tries to be romantic with his wife no matter how awkward it is. And for these actions Clark W. Griswold, we at That’s So Dad salute you. Your valor in the field of Dadness is above and beyond the call of duty and we thank you for being an example to Dads worldwide.

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