Saturday, March 5, 2011

#13 Making a Point of Not Wearing a Watch on Vacation

What a relaxing vacation. Thank God mom and Dad got you your own room. You stumble out of bed and cross to your parents room through the shared doors and mumble out "what time is it?" Dad answers emphatically: "I DON'T KNOW! I'M ON VACATION!" pointing to the skin diseased area on his watch while smirking giddily. Then you realize that is Dad's watch tan line:

This is Dad's vacation. This is His time. And because of that, Dad doesn't want to keep track, monitor, or even know what time it is. And Dad makes a point about it. Dad spends his days, unfortunately, living by the clock eagerly waiting for his lunch hour or making sure He isn't late for the Parent Teacher conference meeting so He can hear how you're an "promising student who seems to lack motivation."

After Dad lays out his detailed activity itinerary for this vacation day, usually a dialogue as such follows:
"Can I go to the pool with the kids from down the hall though?"
"Sure, if it's okay with your mother" Dad knows not to doublecross her.
"Thanks Dad, what time should I be back for dinner?"
"HOW SHOULD I KNOW? I DON'T HAVE MY WATCH. I'M ON VACATION!" You walked into that one. Dad still expects you to be on time, however.

Even though Dad takes his watch off, He is still punctual as ever. And packing isn't the official sign that the vacation is over. Rather, it's Dad putting his watch back on. So as long as you see the watch tan line, party on.

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