Sunday, April 3, 2011

#19 Aftershave

It is date night for mom and Dad. Dad slips off his white new balances and lays down his sharp suit on the edge of the bed. Dad wrestles with mom so that he gets a chance to shower and use the bathroom. You venture upstairs just to find out where they are going (Is it worth sneaking friends over while they are gone?)
That is when you enter the bathroom to that all too familiar Dad fragrance.

Dad is putting the finishing touches on combing his hair while you breathe in the deep scent of masculinity and Dad cologne. "Which cologne did you use tonight, Dad?" You inquire sifting through the many glass bottles on his bathroom shelf. "Oh I don't really use any of those. I just put on aftershave." That's the smell all these years!

It finally makes sense. Dads have a certain aroma and fragrance to them. But somehow they've always had a stocked cologne shelf. Truth is, Dads use the aftershave to subtly promote their masculinity. Mom loves it and Dad loves not having to screw around with the correct amount of sprays of cologne to use. Simply put, aftershave is the scent of Dads.

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