Sunday, April 17, 2011

#23 Braided Leather Belt

Being a Dad is really hard. From puttering around the house to lugging around that massive shoulder mounted video camera to record every waking moment, being a Dad puts a lot of stress on the body. The machine that is a Dad’s body requires a lot of fuel that may not be the healthiest so a Dad tends to gain and lose (mostly gain) weight during their Dad tenure. With this yo-yoing body style Dads around the world need to have a reliable instrument that allows them to wear pants of all sizes. That is where the braided leather belt steps in.

The weaved feature of these belts allows for Dad to have a belt with almost an indefinite number of holes so it always has the perfect fit. If Dad just put down a couple of beers and chili just to make mom mad, you better believe that belt is being loosened a few notches. They can be worn nearly everywhere too. Braided leather belts are formal enough for the office Christmas party and casual enough for yelling at the umpire at a Little League baseball game. They also last forever due to the multiple strands of high strength material. This creates a redundancy feature that is necessary when dealing with the strain of Dad’s belly pushing against the belt.

The Braided Leather Belt is a powerful weapon in the Dad’s arsenal. Coupled with prescription sunglasses and orthotic inserts in his white New Balances, Dad can take on anything that is thrown at him.

PS- Dads can reach legendary status if they wear braided leather suspenders. They are out there people.

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