Wednesday, April 13, 2011

#22 Eating the Leftover Food on Your Plate

"I can't eat another bite. I'm so full" you mutter out inbetween heavy breaths. That meal was delicious. But classic rookie mistake, you took more food than you could handle. Your plate still has a full meal on it. You've been playing with the vegetables and scattering them around your plate to make it look like you ate it. There is some meat leftover but it's mainly just the fat, and who eats that? And lastly, the half of a biscuit that you just couldn't choke down.

"Honey, will you please finish off your kid's plate?" Mom kindly asks with a matter of fact tone. Dad's eyes light up.

Dad has been put on portion control by mom. But when it comes to scarfing down remaining food on a plate, Dad does a better job than the garbage disposal. At first, Dad simply nibbles a bit off your plate. Dad tries the vegetables to make sure they're still warm. Dad cuts a piece of the meat as if to savor the flavor.
Next step is Dad takes the food from your plate and shifts it onto his. Dad must maintain proper manners and table etiquette even when eating your food.

After this motion, you figure Dad has taken what he can handle and start to excuse yourself from the table lifting your plate to clean it off. "Hold on, hold on, there's more left" Dad coughs out between bites. "Just gimme that!" In one swift motion, Dad has removed the plate from your hand while sliding the half a biscuit into his mouth. Instantly, Dad has two stacked plates in front of him. You turn to mom with concerned eyes and a hidden grin. She motions that you can leave as Dad enjoys his second dinner.

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