Sunday, April 24, 2011

#25 Hiding Easter Eggs

It’s Easter Sunday, which as a child you woke up on a scale of one to Christmas is probably around a four. There is usually church and brunch involved, but as a kid you only think about the Easter egg hunt. Combining the thrill of hide-and-seek with the rewards of Halloween, you are on a sugar fueled scavenger hunt through the house so find chocolate and Peeps. You feel as if you have combed the house and checked the usual spots, but Dad mentions that you haven’t even found half of the eggs. The Easter Bunny (aka Dad) has done it again. He has hid eggs in impossible locations that will take hours to find.

Dads love to make small occasions such as Easter egg hunts comparable to seeking the Lost City of Atlantis or the Fountain of Youth. Cramming eggs behind televisions, in flower pots, or even balancing them on the top of the living room fan; Dad is perpetually scouting new locations to hide those orbs of sweetness. Some Dads even utilize the ultimate Dad tool, duct tape, to tape eggs to the bottoms of tables or under the ottoman so that eggs can avoid detection for hours. These situations call for the classic “hot or cold” game for the children to find the remaining eggs so all can be accounted for.

Veteran Dads must keep a mental count of how many eggs are still active so that no egg is ever forgotten. In this rare situation, an Easter egg could be left in hidden until someone is rearranging the furniture in the middle of August and a hot pink plastic egg falls out from behind Grandma’s urn. Sometimes a leftover egg will be found during the next year’s search, the mark of a legendary Easter egg hider.

Someday Dad will pass on his knowledge for important Dad functions: how to grill a steak, rake the leaves, do the taxes, and other important matters. If you are lucky, he may just pass on how to scout and hide the Easter egg horde.

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  1. dad insisted that we have an easter egg hunt this year. It was in our living room, and it was just me looking for them. I loved it.