Thursday, July 12, 2012

#94: Telling the same story over...and over...

 Ahh what a great meal you think to yourself as the digesting begins. Mom is smiling because you actually cleared your plate. But really, you just gave your leftovers to the trash disposal that is Dad. Dad looks satisfied himself too as he finishes off his third plate.

“Did I ever tell you about the time I…” Dad begins. That’s all you need to hear to start zoning out. Dad is about to begin the story you’ve all heard for thousandth time.  Dads are great story tellers and love sharing stories with family, friends, and even strangers. But the thing is, Dads have about 5 stories they re-tell.

Dad shares stories on five different categories: past sports experiences (whether his own or a game he witnessed), meeting mom “You shoulda seen her…”, college days “Those were the best years of my life…”, tales about grandma & grandpa “Well I know MY parents would have…”, and of course the embarrassing ones about you “you were so funny that one time…”. (The wildcard theme is about his first car).

Whether it is over Thanksgiving dinner, passing time in the car, or interrupting your TV watching, Dad will find the time to tell that story. And you’ll sit there and nod. Even though your mind drifts, you’ll always come back right before the punchline of the story. And the funny part is…it always makes you laugh. And that is why Dad will keep telling that story at every Christmas and Birthday party. 


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