Thursday, December 6, 2012

#115 Classic Dad: Rick Kaepernick

There are many of you who are wondering, who the heck is Rick Kaepernick and how does he deserve to be in the That's So Dad Hall of Fame? It is home to the likes of Clark W. Griswold, Hank Hill,  and Homer Simpson. It's more exclusive than the Skull and Bones and the College of Cardinals combined. But the staff here at TSD know when to recognize greatness and Rick is a legendary Dad. An instant classic. Our main evidence comes from the links below:

Rick Kaepernick Evidence for TSD HOF

Rick is the father of Colin Kaepernick, the newly annointed starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. Of course Rick is proud of his son, he has achieved every father's dream of raising a professional athlete in a very masculine sport. Rick is VERY fond of twitter, and from the beginning his account reeks of Dadness. His handle is @QBDAD7 (7 is his son's number). If that doesn't make a modern Dad, I don't know what does. Now I am not one to ever go on twitter (unlike my TSD counterpart), but I think Rick's account will increase the number of Twitters I look at to 2, Bubba Watson being the other. Rick's Twitter profile pic (Twitpic?) is freakin Barney Fife from The Andy Griffith Show. Nothing is more Dad than memorializing shows from the apex of the Cold War era. I only know about the show because of my own Dad.

Rick's tweets are a barrage of Dadness: talking to fans wishing his son luck, talking about how his son (4.53 sec 40yd time) wishes he was as fast as him, posting childhood pics of Colin, and many many pictures of the family pet...which is a tortoise...named Sammy...He makes jokes where he says Sammy can play for some lineman if needed, which are followed by pictures of the reptile with a 49ers helmet on his shell. Rick ends tweets "from Sammy" with #heismissingyou. What a cool Dad.

Even though Rick is on Twitter a lot, like all real Dads he has no idea how to really use Twitter. He cuts off tweets, only to "fix" the problem by reposting the same mistaken tweet. He has four consecutive tweets where he is trying to Tweet at someone, clearly screwing up each time. Lastly, he sometimes signs his tweets like it's a letter, which is incredible.

All in all, Rick Kaepernick is a Dad we can all relate to. Proud of his son, doesn't get modern tech, uses pop culture from the 60s, it is all there. On top of it he has probably the most Dad job ever: VP of Operations for Hilmar Cheese Company. That's right, Rick is in the cheese industry. No wonder he is so cheesy...

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