Wednesday, April 24, 2013

#135: Burying Kids in the Sand

Summer is getting closer and closer, even though the Midwestern weather doesn't say so, and that means beach days are coming! Kids love the beach because it has a myriad of activities. Building sand castles, chasing sea gulls, play frisbee, swimming, trying to body surf, accidentally swallowing a mouthful of salt water while trying to body surf, the list goes on. But Dad really goes to the beach to relax AKA be really boring and fall asleep. His nap tends to be cut short when his rugrat keeps saying he is bored or if Dad wants to play or just does not stop screaming. Dad has a solution that allows him to bond with his son AND get the kid to calm down. Bury him in the sand.

Every child that has gone to the beach has had the idea of just digging a gigantic hole. I loved getting down to the water table where the hole had a little pool in it. Or sometimes I got my Jules Verne on and tried to dig to the center of the earth. The end result of course is wanting to get buried in the hole so only your head sticks out. Dad is more than happy to oblige. This is Dads favorite beach activity that involves moving (besides digging through the cooler for another beer). Before you know it Dad's gargantuan hands shovel the sand snuggly around you and only your head is exposed, like a beach ball chillin on a sand dune. If Dad has done it well, he has packed the sand tight enough that you can't move. It's virtually a tomb, a strait jacket, purgatory, a time out while Dad gets some shut eye. You have been duped. At least the view is good until Dad decides to help did you out.

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  1. Wow!

    Thank you.
    Nice little story. Wish to be at the beach again and having someone burying me like the Dd did.