Saturday, January 22, 2011

#2: White New Balance Shoes

If you are a Dad, you are going to need shoes for jogging, walking around the block, dragging your kids to a museum, and of course "puttering around the house". A Dad needs a versatile pair of shoes that can fit any scenario and that is why Dads always have at least one pair of white new balance shoes. But why do they have to be New Balances? Well, because they are comfortable and support a wide array of flat feet (which nearly every Dad has) and bad heels and they are a generic white and gray color. Does anyone know when their Dad bought a pair of these shoes? The answer is of course they don't. Hospitals give them out as standard issue to all new Dads right after their kid is born. Dads across America rejoice in wearing these icons of fatherhood so much that they usually purchase more than one pair at a time so they do not have to waste time going to the store to get another pair or in case their favorite flavor of white New Balances is discontinued.

Style and appearance is everything when it comes to being a dad. You have to talk the talk and most importantly, walk the walk. Strolling through downtown suburbia after a kid's Saturday morning AYSO soccer game in white New Balances is the ultimate fashion statement for a father.


  1. I have bought this shoe last week. I found these shoes fit my feet very well.

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  3. We buy the white shoes because we don't like the flashy colors . New balance are easily replaced when they get old and are comfortable to work in all day . It's that simple .

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