Monday, January 24, 2011

#4 Hating your taste in music

This phrase becomes part of a Dad's vocabulary as soon as he mistakenly introduces his kids to their first record, tape cassette, CD or mp3 (depending on your generation). Let's face it. No matter what you play, your Dad won't like it.

"You call that music? Let me tell you about music..." as you roll your eyes and he explains in excruciating detail about the first time he heard ______ (insert band name here). You'll soon learn to respect his taste in music, but he will never understand why you like the music you listen to.

He'd rather drive in silence then listen to your radio station and definitely requires that music coming from your room be only audible to those people in your room. He claims all music today is stolen from music from his day (half true). And he'll prove it to you by dusting off his old music and playing it for you, demonstrating that they share the same amount of bars and rhyme schemes. He does this through his toe tap dance, snapping fingers and bobbing head.

As the song ends, Dad has the look of "need I say more?" Don't dare try to argue with Dad when it comes to music after this point. But in the end, Dad knows he can't stop you from listening to that garbage you call music, so he caves and buys you a walkman, discman, or ipod (depending on your generation) so at least he won't have to torture his ears to the rabble.

This serves as a preview for posts to come: What is Dad Music?

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