Sunday, January 30, 2011

#5 His Chair

The living room is a sacred place of gathering. It usually marks the time of bonding between the family, friends and guests. Holiday gatherings, sporting events or family announcements mark a reason to come together in this area. There is always one constant about these family congregations...where Dad sits.

It's the chair off to the side of the room that still has the indented butt mark in the cushion. It may have some torn and worn down spots on the corners. It doesn't match anything else in the room and its recliner needs some extra push to work. Don't you dare sit there. This is Dad's Chair.

If anyone is sitting in it by mistake, he or she will quickly get up once Dad enters the room. Dad will not hesitate to make a mockery of your friend who is over for the first time and sat in the chair. Not cool, friend.

This is Dad's sanctuary spot. He reads in it, watches TV in it, falls asleep on a Sunday afternoon in it. There is almost an invisible bubble that surrounds it. Do Not Enter. After long days at work, Dad has been known to sit in it while waiting for dinner. He just needs to unwind. The Chair is shaped to his body and understands the exact comfort he needs.

You've tried to sneakily sit in it a few times when nobody was home. It is pretty comfortable. But beware, Dad knows when someone else has sat in it. And He isn't happy about it. There are other chairs in the room, so why don't you sit in this? "Why doesn't Dad sit in another chair?" You ask. You just got grounded. And to get over the stress of having to punish you, Dad needs to go relax in his Chair.

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