Wednesday, February 2, 2011

#6 Parking

When learning to drive, the biggest fear of the driving test is the parallel parking portion. How does one learn this? Stop, signal, reverse (which way do I turn the wheel?) while checking blindspots, and also making sure I don't hit the curb or one of the cars I'm fitting between...ah, help! That's where Dad steps in.

How does Dad do it? He can parallel park one handed. He's changing the radio station while doing it. He does it naturally in one smooth motion. Dad has the ability to judge space without even looking. Don't you dare even suggest looking at the camera that shows what's behind him. That space meant for a motorcycle? No way...Dad fits the minivan with one swift motion. How is it even possible? "It just takes experience." Sure, Dad. If you say so. I bet a Dad probably invented that car that self parallel parks.

Remember how staying awake for a carride was impossible as a kid? Well no wonder we always had to get carried back into the house with the way Dad parks.

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