Sunday, February 20, 2011

#10 Dinner Time Questions

After a long day at school, the only thing to look forward to is a nice meal at home. You just want to get your homework over with, eat food, and then watch Teen Mom on MTV. Dad has a different agenda.

See, family dinners are a precious time for Dad. He can use it for family announcements or a time to try out his newest jokes. Most often though, Dad uses dinner to unwind from his day by hearing about yours. And he does so in the most precise of ways: through his questioning. Dad will ask you in the same manner everyday how your day went, but somehow you always think it's going to be something new. For example, Dad: " was everyone's day?" Sometimes Dad will get straight to the point: "Full Report Everybody!" or "How was school today?" Other times Dad does it in a subtle nature "So is there something you want to tell me?" Is there something I want to tell him? What does he know? Why am I so nervous?

Dad knows all, but he simply wants to hear it from you. These dinners are what makes Dad, well, Dad. He gets to hear how you are doing while giving his two cents. That's when you start to play with your food while keeping your head down. Dad explains how when he was your age (What was Dad like at my age?) that he handled things differently. Of course you did, Dad.

You can plead with mom for Dad to stop all you want with those puppy dog eyes, but mom knows Dad isn't done asking questions. "How is that friend of yours doing?" Dad asks. Which friend is Dad talking about? You realize Dad doesn't even know any of your friends. Dad is referring to the kid you were next to on the curb when Dad picked you up from practice the other day. "He's fine." It is important for Dad to know your friends. That's called good parenting.

Lastly, Dad leans over and swabs his bread over your leftover sauce. This is the signal Dad is pleased with the answers for today. Dad grants you permission to go about your life: "You may be excused." But now you're just stuck in the headlights pondering your own thoughts. How did Dad just get me to talk about my whole day when nothing eventful even happened? Oh Dad has his ways. He's the best interviewer you know. Better prep up for tomorrow's dinner.

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