Wednesday, February 16, 2011

#9 Sandals with Socks

Its a beautiful sunny day out. Let's go to the beach! Got the towels, sun block, buckets and shovels (mandatory sand castle building), and umbrella. Dad loads up the car and yells for you to come out. That's when you see it. Ignore Dad's short swimsuit and ridiculous hawaiian shirt. But those socks with the sandals can't be real. And tube socks nonetheless!

Dad sports his outfit proudly. It has the appeal of being casual with sandals but still attains the silky comfort of wearing socks. Dad can't afford to bear his crusty toe nails or get sand inbetween his toes. After a day at the beach, he can simply take off his socks and he is clean as a whistle.

Now the beach isn't the only place where the sandals with socks make appearances. When Dad's not sporting those White New Balances for supported comfort, Dad wears the socks with sandals for those casual summer evening walks. Dad waves to neighbors to make sure everything is functioning as it should be in the neighborhood. Upon returning from his walk, no need to take off shoes to feel comfortable. The socks with sandals allow for a breezy feel on the feet with extra protection against the dirt and grim of the floor.

"Do you really have to wear those socks with your sandals, Dad?" You plead. Dad looks you in the eye. Rolls down one of the tube socks to reveal upon his calf a tan line you didn't know was possible to exist. "Would you rather this?" Dad-1, You-0. The socks with the sandals are here to stay.

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  1. David are you writing these? Are you sure you're not talking about your Uncle Barry? Spot on.