Thursday, July 14, 2011

#41 Falling Asleep while Watching Golf

Thursday through Sunday tend to be the best days of the week. Thursday is last day of homework and the rest is the weekend because who honestly pays attention in class on Friday (that is, if you go)? The weekend is yours to sleep in, eat whatever is leftover in the pantry and watch trashy tv. That is, until you realize there is the big golf tournament on TV.

Dad has taken over the television room. He sets up a beer, plate of snacks (He took over the pantry too???) and settles into His Chair. Golf is the sport of Dads. Dad loves watching Sunday Football and the baseball games that are on all summer, but it is Golf that eases Dad through a weekend. Dad enjoys yelling "GET IN THE HOLE" at the TV set because that obviously increases the chance. It is a mental game, so Dad can relate to John Daly and the other golfers who are his size. But that doesn't mean Dad also doesn't think it's boring.

Dad lulls to sleep while watching golf. Guaranteed. But that doesn't mean Dad's not watching it. It's only the 12th hole, maybe I can watch my show real quick you ponder as you reach for the remote. "Don't even think about it" Dad mutters out without even opening his eyes. Darnit.

This is Dads relaxation weekend. The other weekends may be spent playing Golf, but that stresses and frustrates him too much. So this weekend, Dad will spend it leaving the golf to the pros. But don't change the channel, he's taking notes on the back of his eyelids.

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