Thursday, July 21, 2011

#42: Doing your Science Projects

"Dad, what's a hi-po-the-sis?" You try to ask confidently as you struggle to sound of the word. "'s an educated guess as to what will occur in your science project. You must observe the experiment and ..." Dad lost you at hypo. It's science fair season at school, which means you of course waited until the last week to do yours. You need to whip something up quick that can be posted to the 3-Fold Cardboard and contains the scientific method. Luckily Dad has plenty of back up science projects up his sleeve.

From replica volcanoes to soil types for plants, Dad has seen and done it all. Let's face it, no one ever did their own science project, Dad was there crafting the whole thing himself. Your procedure slide might as well have said: "Step 1, Ask Dad. Step 2, Do What Dad Said."

While you color in your bar graphs, Dad works tirelessly to make sure your diorama, 3D replica, and/or presentation is fully set. Although it may say your name, that blue science fair ribbon belongs in Dads trophy case. Dad may not technically be a scientist, but Dad knows what it takes to win a science fair.

You paste your last graph to the cardboard and hold up the entire board. "Look Dad, we're all done!" Your smile is contagious and you feel a giant sigh of relief as its 10:30pm, way passed your bedtime. "It's not done yet," Dad states in anguish. You stand in disbelief. How is it not done? "You can go to bed though" Dad orders. As you leave the study, Dad scans the exhibit for a way to guarantee a blue ribbon. This isn't just your first science fair, this is Dads 8th science fair.

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