Thursday, July 7, 2011

#40 Pushing Kids on the Swings

"HIGHER! HIGHER!" You scream to Dad as he stands behind you at the swingset. "I want to go over the crossbar!" You've heard the legends of the kids that swing over the crossbar. Their lives change. But you can only get their with the help of Dads push. Your leg pumping action can only take you so far...and Dad is willing to oblige.

Dad loves taking his kids to the park. It gets him some sunshine and a chance to wear his new set of croakie sunglasses. He'll watch you on the jungle gym, monitor you in the sandbox to make sure you're not eating any, and lastly he'll scurry over to the swingset to lift you to the moon.

Dad loves pushing kids on the swings. Much like throwing kids in the pool, other kids will line up for a push on the swings if they see a Dad in that "triple-threat" basketball stance waiting for you to swing backwards for another push.

Even though you know how to pump your legs to get yourself started, you still pretend the swing is broken and will only work with a push from Dad. Dad appreciates this as it allows him to work out his arms as well as his new "liftoff" noises when he does a running push that takes him to the front of the swingset. The multi-tasking pushers are a sight to see. The Dads who push ferociously with one arm, alternating between the double swings deserve awards. They keep a consistent pace that takes the swinger into a state of gravity free euphoria.

You get off the swing and feel your legs a little jell-o-like because of how long you've been weightless. Dad gives you a high five as if to say "that was all you" when really you know you're new heights were reached with the help of Dads forearms. "Maybe next time I can get over the crossbar?" You inquire. "Maybe next time," Dad answers with a wink as to say 'I was holding back on my pushes.' You really can go higher!

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