Thursday, February 9, 2012

#71 Last Minute Valentine's Day

You’ve seen the cards out for a while now. Walgreens has the decorations and dedicated aisles of chocolate since December 26th. Red and pink have been flowing passed your eyes from all directions. Yet come second week of February when you ask Dad, “Hey, what’d you get mom for Valentine’s Day?” A look of terror comes over Dad as if you just revealed he has cancer.

“Valentine’s Day is this weekend, eh? I’ve got something up my sleeve” Dad answers snarkly. If only you could read his mind as he pans over the newspaper I TOTALLY FORGOT! What’s the thing she’s been hinting at for the past year? What was she mad about that I didn’t get her for Christmas? Are there any coupons in this paper?

Just because Dad knows everything doesn’t mean he remembers everything…especially the significant events of birthdays, anniversaries, and valentine’s day. Last minute gifts are Dad’s specialty. That isn’t to say thought didn’t go into them. It’s more of a Dad can’t perform without pressure or a deadline. Why do you think you’re always souvenir shopping on your family trip an hour before your flight?

Then as you bring up your hand-made card sealed with a kiss, you notice mom’s smile as she sits up in bed. Breakfast in bed, fresh bouquet of flowers and a jewelry box on the nightstand. Dad comes through in the clutch again. And to top it off, Dad got the babysitter for tonight cause he’s taking mom out for a night on the town. Dad comes through yet again.

From all of us here at That’s So Dad, we wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day! Even the last minute planned ones.

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