Thursday, February 16, 2012

#72: Getting Home From Work

5:45 is a magical time for children. They have had their after school snack of Juicy Juice and a PB&J, had a play date, and are about to buckle down for some homework. Five math problems?!?! How am I ever going to get this done??But at 5:45, they hear a car come up the drive and the garage door open. That can only mean one thing: DAD IS HOME!

When Dad walks in the door, it is a stampede of children to get to him. Dad always has the same process. He walks in, yells “Hey kiddos!” as the kids squeal his arrival, and drops his briefcase (yeah, real Dads have briefcases). He then squats down in his probably wet trench coat and opens up his arms into a catchers position. Hugging Dad when he gets home is a full contact sport. An immense hug is undertaken by all parties followed by the standard questions on Dad’s part. How was your day? Did you learn anything in school? Sure, I can help with your math!”The kids are each clamoring for attention from Dad, yelling out to him to listen about all the riveting events that unfurled at school today. Dad! Dad! This kid Paul in my class stuck a Lego up his nose and couldn’t get it out, it was soooo gross!” You know, extremely important events in a kid’s world.

From here each Dad is different. Some go in and sit down and talk with mom. Some go put on their sweatpants and take a walk. Some put on their whistle and coach their kid’s soccer team. Then there are the unique Dads. I know a Dad who walks in the door, hugs his kids (as described above), and then yells “WHO WANTS TO GET DADDY A BEER!?” Chaos ensues. Like beggars clawing over each other for a scrap of bread his children would fight and push and shove to get a beer out of the fridge and get it to Dad, who would already be sitting in his recliner. That is quality Dad work. We applaud you.

The Dad greeting is a special greeting. Even though it happens every Monday through Friday, it does not diminish its importance. Because the house feels weird when Dad is out being a business man (that’s what he is right? A business man?) so when he makes his return it should be celebrated. Welcome home Dad.

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