Thursday, May 17, 2012

#86: Binoculars

All young boys dream of the day of being a secret agent or a navy seal. Not because of the dangerous missions or the under-cover identities, but rather for the chance to use night-vision goggles. 9.5 out of 10 guys don’t get to live that dream and when they become a Dad they find the next best thing: Binoculars.

Even as Dad ages and needs glasses, he can count on binoculars to help him see things far away in great detail as if it were the back of his hand. They must be viewed with a leather strap around the neck as well as leather case for protection. “This isn’t a toy” Dad says sternly as he lets you look into them. Binoculars are the definition of Dad’s look, but don’t touch toy. He holds them as you gaze into their wonderment.

To you, binoculars just make things far away seem very close. To Dad, binoculars allow him to enter another world. Whether he is bird watching and explains the intricate detail of the feathers he can see or if he is watching the baseball game and can tell that Soriano’s swing is off because he saw his shoulder slump, the binoculars tell all.

So while you strain your eyes to see across the park, Dad can tell you how many wrinkles the old man feeding the ducks has. James Bond has his laser pen as his go-to tool, but Dad has his binoculars.


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