Thursday, May 31, 2012

#88: Coolers

How does one keep things cold but also portable; Say if they were going to the beach, on a picnic, tailgating, or just looking to drink on the outside patio? That question today is answered by Dads with a quick trip to the garage. Dads bust out the classic Cooler ready to be packed with goodies and piled into the trunk of the car.

The Cooler is an essential tool for Dad. It allows him to bring snacks for long family road trips and vacations, or it serves as a safe place for his beers while he goes around fixin’ stuff.

Coolers come in all sizes; from the personal portable lunch box cooler to the giant 100 quart Styrofoam one time use cooler, Dad is covered. The cooler game has expanded to different sizes and colors, but the classic Igloo white lid and blue bottom is classic Dad. No Father’s Day BBQ is complete without pulling a beer from it.
Whether it’s a Coleman, an Igloo, Sterns or even a Durachill, as long as it holds ice and can fit a 24 pack of beers, it’ll work in Dad’s world. 

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