Thursday, June 7, 2012

#89: Taking Pictures

One of Dad’s main responsibilities is to make memories with his children. From baby’s first steps, to little league games, to boy scouts, most Dads are there right alongside their kids. But how does Dad make sure these memories are always remembered? By taking pictures of course…lots of them.

As they age Dad’s hair line recedes, his back hair increases, his belly gets wider, and his memory gets worse. Dad can’t do much about the first three but he can take a ton of pictures to preserve cherished times. But it is not always the big occasions like that touchdown in 4th grade, rather it is things that are sure to embarrass you in the future. Birthday pictures, you crying your eyes out sitting in Santa’s lap, you wearing that ridiculous outfit mom made you wear, and that weird faze in your life where you wanted to be The Terminator and wore a leather jacket and bandana every waking moment. They are all saved by Dad for future laughter.

Of course Dad’s of the past never had those fancy digital cameras which store like a million pictures of you in the bath on a card smaller than grandpa’s hearing aid. Nope, Dad carried film and lots of it. Always telling you to stay still as he reloaded his Kodak and turning the gears while you froze like a statue next to Mickey Mouse. After standing next to Mickey you start hearing him breathing heavily in the Florida heat and smelling the sweat and it gets awkward. Finally Dad is done loading another roll and he snaps some more shots of you clearly uncomfortable next to the Messiah of Disney World (For the record, we here at TSD love Disney World, the Happiest Place on Earth). 

You may hate Dad constantly taking pictures all the time, much like him constantly filming using his massive Shoulder Mounted Video Camera, but it is totally worth it down the road. I have never laughed harder than when we pull out old family pictures and videos and just look at the stuff in the background. It is priceless. Dad knows what he is doing with that camera.

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