Thursday, June 28, 2012

#92: Bowling

You’re turning 8 years old. Where else would you want to have your birthday party aside from the local bowling alley? Not only do you get to wear the slick shoes that let you moonwalk like Michael Jackson, but you also get your own bowling pin after devouring cake in the private VIP party room.

“I’m gonna have my next ten birthday parties here so I can have a full set!” You declare after receiving the ceremonial birthday bowling pin. Aside from the fact that it’d be hilarious to see an 18 year old having their birthday at a bowling alley, you soon learn that the birthday party at the bowling alley isn’t about you…it’s about Dad improving his bowling game.

When Dad isn’t spending Wednesday nights at the local middle school for Dads basketball league, he is shining up his personalized bowling ball for Thursday league nights. “I need to get my average score up!” The score of 198 is no good in Dad’s eyes. He needs to break 200 consistently.

Even though Dad puts more spin on a bowling ball than you can generate on the tire swing, Dad is never satisfied. His wrists may cramp and legs get heavy, but it’s all worth it when he gets to hoist that trophy above his bowling shirt. I wonder if Dad’s spin will translate to Wii bowling? Hint: It Does.

Much like playing Golf, Bowling is an escape for Dad. It is competitive but also allows him to drink a few beers. It is a sanctuary for Dads, and gun to head they’ll join a couples league to allow mom to join as well. So while you work on improving your game so you don’t have to use bumpers, Dad is working on how to get that third strike so he can yell “TURKEY!” For you Dad, we will hold our 18th birthday at the bowling alley so you can practice at home while needed. 

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