Thursday, September 20, 2012

#104: Answering Questions with a Question

Dads are all-knowing beings. They can drop knowledge and key facts at random requests. You’re convinced that Dad could dominate Jeopardy. But in true Dad fashion, he doesn’t abuse the knowledge he knows. Rather, Dad is as mysterious in sharing his knowledge as he is to how he attained it.

“Dad, what should I do for this problem?”
“How do YOU think you should do it?”

Dads will answer all questions with a question. Whether Dad is helping you with homework, asking for a full report at dinner, or just sharing some of his Dad-isms, you can guarantee that Dad will be responding with questions. Much like Ron Swanson hates answering questions, Dad will also make you think about what you’re asking rather than give you the answer. “If I just gave you the answer, you’d never learn.” If I hadn’t thought about it already, I wouldn’t be asking you!

Just so you know, this type of Dad questioning answering doesn’t end when you grow up, but rather it intensifies. “Dad, what should I do with my 401K?” “What do you want to do with your 401k?” That’s when you realize Dad was probably awesome when a Queen was drawn during Kings Cup. So best of luck in getting a straight answer from Dad, but somewhere in his rebuttal lies the best advice you've ever gotten.

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