Thursday, September 6, 2012

#102 Ear Plugs

Dad makes a lot of noise with his yelling, punishments, and loud sneezes. But ironically, Dad actually hates loud noises. Much like moms single handedly drive revenue for airplane neck pillows, Dads carry purchasing power for ear plugs. If there is a concert, festival, block party, or even just a birthday party with little kids, you can count on seeing some bright orange plugs in Dad’s ears.

Most people embrace concerts: the music and bass fills your whole body. You scream for the whole night just to be heard and have a sore throat the next day. That’s what makes it fun, right? Know what is more fun for Dad? Silence. The ear plugs drown out the unnecessary drunk kids screaming along as well as the out of tune speaker system. Instead Dad can hum along to his favorite music without suffering next day consequences of blown ear drums.

Ear plugs come in many forms and colors. Some Dads prefer people to know that their ears are plugged, and they choose bright orange ones that have strings attached. Some Dads prefer the subtle plug so they’ll choose the prelude to hearing aides, the clear ear color matching plugs. Both are effective, but much like Dads style, none look cool.


1 comment:

  1. I think Dads are just being practical in buying some ear plugs. After all, who wants to have their hearing impaired just because he/she went to a concert and took his/her hearing for granted? If one’s hearing gets damaged, he/she might not be able to enjoy good music anymore.

    Darren Mcandrews