Thursday, October 25, 2012

#109: Being Good at Random Games

It is a glorious day. Dad is taking everyone bowling. You get to eat pizza, throw heavy balls down a greased lane, play arcade games, wear funny shoes, and make up funny names for the bowling screen. What?! Who took Poo and Ass already? Of course, no one in the group is good at bowling and elation insues when one cracks triple digits...except Dad. Dad for some reason knows how to spin the ball, fire it straight down the lane, pick up spares, pick up the 7-10 split, everything. As he picks up his 3rd turkey of the day you can't help but wonder how he does it...because he is a Dad.

Dads have been around, seen it all, and picked up skills along the way. Remember, he went to college before video games and cable so when he got drunk they played games to pass the time. Bowling, poker, darts, billiards, skee ball, croquet, kick the can, lawn darts, bocce, and many others were at their disposal. And no they didn't do it on Wii Sports, this was real life ladies and gents. Dad is a seasoned veteran and if he can do it as a drunk college boy, you bet your butt he can do it as a mildly inebriated Dad with a moustache and a braided leather belt. Don't worry he will teach you the tricks of the trade in due time.

True Story, my circle of friends in middle/high school were all taught to bowl the same way (stare at the alley arrow where you want the ball to roll, it is an easy aiming tool). How did we all learn the same way? By a friend's Dad who took us bowling. You all know who you are...

So don't worry if Dad sends you in croquet or dominates you in bocce by getting his stones right on top of the target ball. It is all a learning process. Like the time Dad skunked you in Cricket or sunk the 8 ball before you had a chance to sink one ball. It's okay, you can still destroy him in Goldeneye 64.

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