Thursday, October 18, 2012

#108 Tube Socks

These socks are HUGE. Who even wears these? Dad walks by wearing socks with his sandals and you realize the answer to your question. Dads single handedly keep Hanes in business with their purchase of tube socks. Socks are uncomfortable as is, with the ability to keep sweat in your feet and produce odor for all to smell how long you’ve been walking all day. Dads prefer to show off that smell with complimentary two stripes along the top of their socks.
The tube sock is meant for working out (why would I want longer socks to work out in), but instead it has become a fashion necessity for Dads. The tube sock will go great with Dad’s sweater vests and it keeps his feet in fresh form. Tube socks are the epitome of the ultimate Dad motto: practicality. It doesn’t matter how something looks as long as it has a function.
The best part of Tube Socks for Dad is the tan line they leave. Dad’s legs hardly see daylight because of his business slacks and Dad jeans on the weekends. But on occasion when shorts present themselves, Dad makes sure not to expose his legs to UV rays by wearing Tube Socks. Those ankles are quite fragile and need to stay protected and warm.
So next time you see the college girls wearing high socks to match their head bands, keep in mind that they probably stole those fashion items from Dad. 

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