Thursday, August 1, 2013

#149 Classic Dads: My Dad

It has been quite a long journey for those of us here at That's So Dad. We started this blog as we neared the end of our college life, ready to take the world on but still not ready to be done with the times where drinking beer with friends on a stoop on a Tuesday after class was socially acceptable. We have had a lot of highs, some lows, and a whole bunch of changes. I am sad that this will be my last post but it is definitely the most appropriate and a long time coming. My Dad has confronted me about how a lot of my posts "Describe him to a T" but I always shrug it off and say it was just sort of inspired from him (or entirely inspired from him). Today is my Dad's day though. I give you the latest addition to the Classic Dads hallowed halls: My Dad.

I will not refer to him by name, but if you know me you may have been lucky enough to meet my Dad. He epitomizes Dadness in the ultimate form. He rocks the White New Balances (one of my favorite posts) whenever going for a walk or doing anything casual. He even points out now, "Hey Son, look what I am wearing" as he models his latest edition (but same model) of WNB. He is still mad at my mom for throwing away his Painting Pants back when I was a toddler. I swear the first 8 years of my life my Dad had a gigantic video camera taped to his eye. He would always say, "You are gonna be happy I filmed this when you get older!" And boy was he right.

My Dad loves golfing and it has become one of my favorites as well. I think he mostly likes it because it's the only sport he can beat me at (for now) and when on TV it provides great background noise for an afternoon nap. The man has coached my baseball team, taught me the intricacies of baseball scorecards, and is always on the lookout for a new Easter egg hiding spot in a house he has lived in for 30 years (the man is an egg hiding legend). Plus I cannot forget that he used to have the most epic mustache before I was born. I could only dream of growing such a sweet burner.

I could sit here and spout all day about all the Dad stuff that describes my Dad, and believe me nearly every post was in some way, shape, or form based on him. But most importantly my Dad has been an inspiration and he is my hero. The man has been knocked down hard in his life and came up swinging ferociously. He has achieved some great things that I hope to do in time. So thank you Dad for giving me the inspiration to be a better man, but more importantly giving me the manual on how to act like a Dad when it is my time. I am already working on my horseshoe play and stretching for piggyback rides.

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